An important note about New England States from Mr. Shafer:

I want to deliver this news immediately even though I don’t have answers for the questions it sparks.

USBands has postponed this Saturday’s New England States Championships to next week on WEDNESDAY, November 3rd (no timing or schedule has been released).

I’m not sure if we will be able to attend, not because of busing or conflicts with staff, but for the obvious potential student conflicts.

I’m also not sure if we will be moved to the first few slots at Nationals if we don’t perform. (waiting to hear back about that).

I will be sending out a survey to the kids via Google Classroom in the next few hours askingabout their availability on Wednesday. However, I’m asking students to check with their parents/guardians FIRST. Please be sure to check with your child and ensure that they have filled in the survey promptly.