About the BMMA

What is BMMA? The Blackstone-Millville Music Association, or BMMA, is a private, non-profit, parent-run organization which supports the Blackstone-Millville Regional music program. Since 1979 parents in the towns of Blackstone and Millville have worked hand in hand with the local music education instructors in an endeavor to promote our mission, “To ensure that students in the Blackstone Millville Regional School District receive opportunities that encourage and support lifelong involvement in music” and objectives, which are :

  • To promote the best possible musical education for all students
  • To broaden the cultural opportunities of the students
  • To increase their performing & creative skills through exposure to all forms of music
  • To provide incentive for those students with extraordinary musical talent

The BMMA provides chaperones, crew and volunteers while also providing funds for unfunded staff salaries, equipment, uniforms and props. Our organization is pleased to be able to provide a fund to assist students in need, to enable them to participate in all music department sponsored programs.

Since its inception the BMMA has supported the middle and high school marching band, middle and high school color guard, winter percussion, winter guard, middle and high school jazz bands, middle and high school chorus, 5-8th grade concert band as well as the high school concert band and wind ensemble.

BMMA has monthly general meetings which are open to all parents/guardians of students involved in the music program. During this meeting information is shared about upcoming events, band director updates, Gillette updates as well as officer and committee reports.

A few important items regarding BMMA:

Fundraising is accomplished through many different avenues, most of which are coordinated through the fundraising committee which is made up of volunteers. All fundraisers are pre-approved by the BMMA Executive Board. Fundraising is a significant part of what BMMA does to support the entire Music Program.


All students that participate in the Music Program have a profit-sharing account. This account can be used to pay for things like reeds, mouthpieces, sticks, private lessons, fees for some activities and more. There are several fundraisers held each year through which students can add to their account. Some examples of profit-sharing fundraisers are the annual Giant Raffle and volunteering at Gillette Stadium events.

For information relating to the balance of a profit-sharing account or to use money in that account, contact the BMMA treasurer.

MusicFest, or the Marching Band Home Show

Musicfest is an annual event held at the end of September at a local football stadium. The marching competition features several marching bands from all over New England. This is BMMA’s second biggest single fundraiser and involves dozens of parent-volunteers to pull off successfully.

Gillette Stadium

The Gillette booth is the single biggest fundraiser that BMMA benefits from. This is also a profit-sharing fundraiser that can benefit the children of parent/family/co-worker volunteers. Over the years of this fundraiser, ambitious parents have earned enough profit-sharing to pay for entire band trips.

To learn more about the importance of Gillette Stadium to our fundraising and to get answers to questions about working there, please visit our Gillette Stadium Info & FAQ page.

All students involved in the Music Department benefit from BMMA fundraising.