Gillette Stadium Info & FAQ

History of Gillette & Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Gillette Stadium is predominantly worked by volunteers, anywhere from cheerleading squads, baseball boosters or in our case the Blackstone Millville Music Association. Since BMMA contributes to all forms of musical areas from 5th grade through 12th and distributes funds throughout wind ensemble, guard, all grades of concert bands, jazz band, and marching band Gillette has proven itself to be a large money maker.

Years ago a group of parent volunteers were able to get into Gillette as a volunteer group; this was a large undertaking especially since there is such a long list waiting to get in. Based on dates for events BMMA sends a group of volunteers for an event which could range from concerts to football games. The BMMA volunteers run a booth that will serve food and beverages. The more volunteers the better because our profits increase (see a break down below). If we cannot staff a full booth then we will get fill-ins which is a separate group of volunteers from another organization.

Getting to Gillette

Prior to the event all volunteers will receive an email with report times, and instructions.

Carpooling to the events is an option; the meeting place is at high school back parking lot and the time is sent out prior to the event at least three days in advance.

Driving in on your own or driving for the carpool you can receive directions from one of the coordinators and then upon arrival you park in employee parking area designated on the instructions. Then a bus will drive all volunteers and workers to the Gillette gates.

Once to the gate you go through a security check and then head to the booth given in the emailed instructions or if you have taken the lead position that day you go to the check in area and get the day’s paperwork and then proceed to the booth.

How does the day go?

Once you are checked in and at the booth an initial cleaning of the front of the house and back of the house occur and initial inventories are taken. Then once the cleaning and inventory is completed set up for the day begins including putting out inventory and cooking food. The booth opens earlier for Gillette employees first, then once the gate opens the customers start to arrive. Once the event comes to a close cleaning and a full inventory is completed. Everyone cleans and some will take inventory with one inventory lead.

What specific jobs are there at Gillette and do I have a say in what I do?

Yes you have a say; if you have a preference just say so

  1. Cashier (includes serving beverages from soda to beer)
  2. Food Runner for Cashiers
  3. Cook
  4. Wrapper (wrapping food)
  5. Stock handling (fill condiment cart and ensuring both front and back have stock throughout the day) also a food runner when not restocking.
  6. Banker/Tip Collector

If you have a full booth of 12 to 14 volunteers the day allows for individuals to swap jobs to gain further experience if desired.

Job Information and Details Documents

What about breaks and eating throughout the day?

Rule of thumb is take a break when you need it! Food and drinks are provided as well so you will have a chance to eat.

What is the deal with fill ins?

If we report to Gillette that we don’t meet the minimum volunteer count fill ins may be sent. These fills ins can come from any other group and we can designate them to where we need them most!

What if I have time constraints?

No worries on time constraints; if you need to arrive late or leave earlier just communicate that ahead of time so we can plan and inform Gillette accordingly. For early and late arrivals we are allowed 2 sometimes 3 per event. (Just remember we need to be there early to avoid the event day traffic which can cause you to take an hour to go from 495 to the stadium.)

What if I mess something up like money or ringing something in wrong?

Everyone that works Gillette will make an error at one time or another and that is okay! Just say something and a note will be made. Most training will be done on the job with volunteers that have been there before and are always helpful. A meeting before opening will occur to review what is needed prior to the booth opening.

How does BMMA get paid?

  1. Tips go directly to BMMA and to the fill in organization if we have them; they are split percentage wise.
  2. If we meet the minimum booth requirement we get 14.5% commission on food and NON-alcohol products and meal coupons!
  3. If we do not meet the volunteer booth minimum we receive $100 per person working.
  4. We can receive a $250 bonus by scoring 90% or above on our Food Safety & Sanitation inspection though we are not subject to inspection at every event.

How does the profit sharing work?

For each event work in the Gillette Season April 2018 through February 2019 your child receives $25.00 into their profit sharing account.

What are the benefits of working a Gillette Event?

Besides the money that we raise for BMMA which is imperative for our music program you get to meet others with students in the program. Getting to know the other parents or guardians allows for much easier networking. Friendships have been made during events while having fun. Overall these events have a major impact on BMMA’s ability to help with purchasing and fixing music equipment, bussing, teachers, and much more AND this is a profit sharing fundraiser which means your portion can go to private lessons, valve oil, reeds, mouthpieces, band camp fees, uniform fees, student costs of trips, merchandise and celebration dinner tickets. (Profit sharing does not cover school fees.)