General meetings still on hold

As we continue to navigate the Covid-19 landscape, we are still unable to hold BMMA general meetings.

If you have any questions or issues that relate to BMMA or the band program, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form or our Facebook group.

As soon as the situation changes and we can return to meeting, we’ll get that word out and look forward to inviting you to join us again.

Save the Date for Savers

Save the Date for Savers

We have a confirmed date for our fall Savers fundraiser – Saturday, October 3rd!

If you have clothes that need a new home, please hang on to them and donate them in October to benefit BMMA and the band program.

More details to come. Thank you!

Tentative request for volunteers!

Tentative request for volunteers!

I know these are uncertain times. As of right now, the Football season has not yet been cancelled. There are 2 pre-season games at Gillette on 8/13/20 and 8/20/20 (both are Thursdays). Looking for volunteers to work concessions these dates. The games are at 7:30pm, so call time at Gillette will probably be around 2:30 – 3:30pm.
If anyone is interested, please email me at [email protected].
This has been a tough year for our kids, and we haven’t been able to have any fundraising events since March, so let’s see what we can do to make as much money as possible for the kids!

BMMA News Update

Hello Everyone,

A quick update on a few items:

– General Meetings are cancelled until further notice.

– We have had to postpone board elections. The current board will continue in their respective positions until we can reasonably invite people to an election meeting.

– We are *hoping* to have a Savers fundraiser in June. If you have been using some of your stay-at-home time to clean out your closet of old clothes, please hang on to them for Savers.

We hope that you are all staying well and thank you to all the front-line workers in our community. We appreciate you!

Washington DC Parade Refund Information

Dear Parents of students formerly going to D.C.:

After a contentious and hard-fought negotiation with the travel company, we are moving forward with the refund process. I sincerely apologize for how drawn out this has been and ultimately, the goal besides getting as high of a refund amount as possible is to get your money back in your pocket.

Please know, I brought our Superintendent, Dr. DeFalco in on this negotiation to help strengthen our message that the families of Blackstone and Millville should not be punished during a national crisis in which MCI canceled the parade, not us.

From the start of this process, the travel company who also is a partner in organizing every band performing in the parade, Music Celebrations International, has insisted that there are fees and deposits from vendors that they cannot recoup and that is part of the penalty levied against families; this while not offering transparency of what those fees are.

In the end, the penalty was reduced to $80 per student, meaning that you will receive everything that you paid, MINUS $80. We are waiting for the refund to come in. As soon as it’s received, BMMA will begin issuing refunds. Refunds will be distributed via the method of payment received, i.e. if you paid by check, you will receive a check.

When MCI first reached out regarding the refund, it was factoring to a $114 penalty per student. Music Celebrations International, (1-800-395-2036), President John Wiscombe ([email protected]) was difficult throughout this process, even insulting at times. Needless to say, we will not be looking at trips/parades again that are run by this company.

I apologize that more couldn’t be achieved.

I look forward to seeing your child again and making music,