Happy Monday!

Our Marching Band’s Musicfest Home Show is coming up this Saturday, September 21st at Bellingham High School (please note the location change from prior years).

There are several very important items to bring to your attention:

Bake Sale

We need your help putting together items for the bake sale.

Please see the online sign-up form link below for details on what is needed and to commit to bringing something for sale.


Volunteers at Home Show

Wayne Arsenault is in charge of the home show and has been doing an amazing job under some very challenging circumstances this year including a venue change and recent time shift due to the Triple-E threat. Thank you Wayne!

Volunteers are absolutely critical to running the home show. This is our biggest single-day fundraiser of the whole year and is hugely important to the BMR marching band and band program.

The following links include a list of all the volunteer opportunities as well as their time commitments.

If you have already signed-up to volunteer — thank you!

If you have not yet signed-up, please consider doing so. Every single volunteer makes a BIG difference to the success of this show.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!