12 volunteers needed for the each day of the Block Party Festival at Gillette on Saturday 7/20/19 and Sunday 7/21/19. You are more than welcome to volunteer both days, if you would like! We don’t have the full details on the call time to Gillette yet, but need to be proactive in getting people. We have already lost 2 booths this year due to not having enough volunteers, and Gillette provides at least half of the budget for the Blackstone Millville Music Association. Please email bonniehbmma@gmail.com if you are interested/available. This is a great chance to support our community, help the students, and can be a lot of fun!

All events at Gillette are profit-sharing opportunities. This next school year includes a band trip for all BMR High bands, and this is a chance to earn some money toward your student’s fees for the trip. Or, if you don’t have a student currently involved in the music program, this is an opportunity to help out a student in need. Profit-sharing can be applied to private lessons, Color/Winter-Guard, and so much more.